Investor Acquisition Marketing

Lead Generation, Laser Targeting Investors and Customers

Ohanae offers full marketing capabilities that reach the audience that you need. Ohanae has what it takes to bring you the resources needed to link you with investors as well as customers. We can offer to bridge that gap with the advice you need to succeed in your fund-raising campaign, be it Reg A+, Reg D and Reg S offering.

We can help you find the Capital sources and revenue streams that you require to make your business thrive. Let us guide you through all marketing phases critical to successful campaigns.

Strategies tailored to your needs fueled by data science, Ohanae looks to bring all the elements together in a unified whole. With our assistance every type of investor is brought into play in a focused strategy so you can grow your business whether by organic strategies or by using acquisitions.

Tell us what you need, we'll tell you how to get there.

Laser Targeting Through Digital Marketing

The choice of offerings to pursue can be an art form. But each requires a separate and distinct marketing focus, managed by people who have done it before. Ohanae can help you to understand who your target audience is, along with the best way to connect with them. Identifying the key players to reach that audience, Ohanae will then build your Virtual Data Room (VDR), and coordinate the marketing efforts to prepare for a successful digital launch. Ohanae's resources include media allies ready to address any issues that may arise.

With our help you will be ready to withstand all the challenges the market may present.

Digital Marketing Plus

By harnessing the power of social media, you can multiply the chances for a successful launch.

Ohanae stands ready to rebuild your online profile to maximize its effectiveness at reaching the precise audience you need to succeed. Our expert partners can assure that your presence on social media sites of all kinds reflects the most effective vision of your company, clearing the path to a positive image that builds comfort with the viewer and enhances prospects for success.

Ohanae's media services team offers full monthly maintenance to assure that your latest developments are front page on your media presence while you go about creating more headlines.

Ohanae Design Services

Rely on our professional design team to craft the perfect Website or Landing Page to promote your brand. All of our websites are built on a solid CMS (content management system) that not only are built to impress the end users but are also pleasantly easy to manage once handed over to you.

Our standard features include sophisticated contact/lead forms, integration with popular list building systems such as SEO-optimized for Google.

Institutional Investor Outreach

Ohanae Mail is designed to enable a capital seeker to reach their Total Addressable Capital Market (TACM) from a targeted list of institutional capital providers. Successful capital seekers nurture relationships at each stage in the relationship journey. Use virtual relationships for 80% of TACM and analog resources to close 20% interested parties. This fully integrated process efficiently builds capital provider trust and maximizes timing success.

Objectives Building digital footprint and virtual relationships builds & strengthens relationships
Engage First impression
Make the right connections
Match capital provider needs
Establish credibility
Reach largest TACM
Clear positioning and messaging (Why invest?)
Executive summary
Firm overview videos
Introductory ("Survey") e-mails (3) with: call to action; link to relevant materials (incl. summary, video, website, etc.); survey to gauge interest
Educate Build brand and trust
Reinforce positioning and messaging
Provide useful information
Meaningful updates
Virtual roadshows
Informational videos
Regular consistent commentaries
Meaningful updates
Webinar or virtual roadshow
Select Ensure capital provider needs are met
Validate and reinforce choice
Address questions
Due diligence and investment support
Product comparisons / Competitive analysis
Case studies
Testimonial videos
Analog Engagement:
Broker/Dealer and/or Internal Team
Close Ease of process
Success and satisfaction
Term sheet / Final terms
Final documentation
Investment and confirmation
Retain & Grow Provide proactive customer service
Build durable relationships
Consistent reporting
Social media
Quarterly commentaries
Virtual Data Room

As part of the Ohanae Platform, Ohanae is adding a proprietary game-changing Virtual Data Room (VDR) technology that gives investors curated data room access from "Learn More" on the Ohanae Platform. VDR is a transformative method for investors to access investment opportunities that are relevant to them.

Strong relationships with investors are a key element of success for issuers, and the ability to accelerate relationship building using technology and data analytics in a cost effective and efficient manner is particularly important. Ohanae manages and implements the investor outreach campaign in order to maximize capital raising success for issuers. To demonstrate the efficacy of this technology, Ohanae will utilize the VDR for our Reg A+ offering.

Ohanae is committed to provide you and your organization with the best opportunity to be known, be found and be first as a Thought Leader in your network and industry using the most relevant digital tools, social media and human relationships available.