Ohanae for Salesforce

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Ohanae delivers comprehensive Secure Document Collaboration by securing your files in Salesforce cloud, and your Salesforce credentials. Unlike anyone else, Ohanae takes this two-prong approach to fully secure your data through zero knowledge encryption.

Secure Document Collaboration
Best Practice

  • Shared files are uniquely encrypted.

  • Shared files access control can be managed.

  • Secure shared folder can be created and shared with other members.

  • When a file is added to a secure shared folder, the file is automatically encrypted and shared with members who are in the sharing list.

  • By way of a group key, we can manage access to the shared files by managing the group membership.

  • Group memberships varies without the need to re-encrypt all previously encrypted files.

Centralized Management

Members (employees, partners, etc.)
Members’ Devices (up to 8 per user)
  • Data leak prevention
  • Remote wipe
  • Enable / Disable
Administrator (Coming Soon)
  • Active Directory integration
  • OpenID Connect support
  • Full fledged configurable audit and logging
  • Enterprise API/SDK

Revolutionize your Enterprise with Ohanae

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Product Specifications

Built-in Features Supported Devices
Price per user $5 Windows 7 & 8 Download
Per month
1-Tap Login Mac OS X Download
Secure Workplace Android Download
Secure Cloud Drive iOS Download
Secure File Sharing Windows Store Download
Centralized Management Windows Phone Download
Supported Browsers
Chrome Internet Explorer
Firefox Safari

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Upgrade to Enterprise

With an enterprise account, one is granted access to the Centralized Management feature, hence better integrating Ohanae with your businesses. Upgrade to a Business Account with these five easy steps:
Step 1
Download and install Ohanae App on your device.
Step 2
Run Ohanae App on your device.
If you are a new user, register for a free Ohanae account.
Step 3
Login to your Ohanae account with Ohanae App from your Device.
Step 4
Sign in to Ohanae for Business portal.
Follow Instructions from there.
Step 5
Enjoy your complimentary credits worth $10. No Credit Card is required.
Contact us at sales@ohanae.com to know more about
Ohanae for Salesforce.