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Ohanae revolutionizes Cloud Privacy Protection by achieving “No Compromise” Password and Data Protection through the Ohanae® Method.

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Subscription Plans

Ohanae provides 3 unique subscription plans to cater to the needs of different users. For usage in a small and midsize business environment, kindly refer to Ohanae for Business.

Otherwise, the basic plan is designed for normal users with single device, while Premium plan allows usage of up to 8 different devices. Various product specifications are summarized in the table as follows.

Built-in Features
Basic Premium
(Upgrade Now)
Price per user Free $5
(For personal use) Per month
No. of Authorized Devices Allowed per user 1 8
1-Tap Login
Secure Workplace
Secure Drive
Secure Cloud Drive
Centralized Management
Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer

Supported Devices
Windows 7 & 8 Download Mac OS X Download
Android Download Windows Store Download
iOS Download Windows Phone Download

Upgrade to Premium

With a Premium Account, one may authorize up to eight different devices, hence better integrating Ohanae with your digital lifestyle. Upgrade to a Premium Account with these four easy steps:
Step 1
Download and install Ohanae App on your device.
Step 2
Run Ohanae App on your device.
If you are a new user, register for a free Ohanae Account.
Step 3
Login to your Ohanae account with Ohanae App from your Device.
Step 4
Sign in to the Ohanae online portal.
Follow Instructions from there.