Cloud Compliance Policy

Prioritize data and login protection without interfering with the device with Ohanae's In-Built Cloud Compliance Agreement
Ohanae understands that organizations, especially SMBs face barriers enforcing compliance agreements. With the in-built Cloud Compliance Policy, control your data without encroaching employees' personal space, even in your BYOD organization.
Ohanae ensures business flexibility and control without the hefty cost of security.


How it Works

1. Sign up for an Ohanae for Business account and register a Business Group. You will be credited with $10 to get started.

2. Invite employees to your Business group. The Cloud Compliance Policy Agreement will be dispatched to all invited employees to accept before being added to the group.

3. Be in control of your data and collaborate documents securely.

Click here to view a sample of our
Built-In Cloud Compliance Agreement.
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