About Us

Creating an ecosystem around Secure Document Collaboration for Enterprise Social, File Sync and Share, making sharing of data and credentials safer, faster, and more private.

Ohanae delivers comprehensive secure document collaboration. Unlike anyone else, Ohanae protects both your data in the cloud and the credentials used to access that data.

In today’s business environment with widespread enterprise social and cloud file sync and share adoption, it’s imperative to trust no one and encrypt everything.

Through patent pending technology, Ohanae ensures passwords and encryption keys are never stored anywhere. The Ohanae solution provides standards-based security, is easy to install and use without any disruption to your normal workflows, and supports widely used desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms.

Users can download the Ohanae app for free for any device. It’s easy, it’s powerful, and it’s here!

SiTF Awards 2014

Ohanae is the 2014 winner of the SiTF Gold Award for the Best Enterprise Product.

Winning the SiTF award is an endorsement for the Ohanae team, investors, customers, and partners.

Ohanae believes the current cloud-first, mobile-first era requires consumers and businesses to adopt the discipline of 'Trust no one, encrypt everything'. Thus, Ohanae takes this a two-prong approach to fully secure our customers' data by protecting both credentials and data through zero knowledge encryption.

Taking this project from inspiration to reality was a combination of perseverance, hard work, having a group of dedicated investors, as well as a talented team that wants to change the world by delivering a product that solves real problems with ultimate simplicity.

There has never been a better time for Ohanae to make a real impact on the Singapore’s Smart Nation platform, Ohanae is partnering with Microsoft Singapore as the lead partner under the IDA Partnership for Capability Transformation for infocomm sector (iPACT). This will enhance Ohanae’s Government market competency, so Ohanae Cloud Privacy Protection solution will be scalable worldwide.

- Greg Hauw, Founder & CEO