Ohanae® 1-Tap Login

  • Conveniently login to any web and standalone applications with a single tap
  • Instantly generate unique strong passwords for each account
  • Simplify your life with no need to remember any pin or password
  • Secure your identity with dynamically generated passwords not stored anywhere
  • Effortlessly protect your passwords from guessing, phishing and theft
  • Securely share specific passwords with family, employees or colleagues

Simplicity in Usage

Security Features

  • Kernel Layer Anti-Keylogger
  • Application Layer Anti-Keylogger
  • Built in Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Strong Password Authentication (RFC 2945)
  • Device Identification

Standalone Application Support
Salesforce Chatter OneDrive Outlook
Skype Google Drive Dropbox
Box iTunes Amazon Cloud Drive

Browser Support

Ohanae® is OpenID Connect compliant

Ohanae: an NSTIC Advocate

Ohanae supports the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) vision where individuals and organizations utilize secure, efficient and interoperable identity solutions to access online services.

Your Ohanae® account is an interoperable trusted identity you can use for swift and secure authentication. Ohanae® allows its users to securely sign in and register with any sites which accept OpenID Connect credentials.

Passwords for the future

Passwords are now more secure, trustworthy and hassle-free

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